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Although Interstate Haulers ships oversize boats we are especially well known in the marine industry for transporting small boat transport. In the industry it is referred to as tow-and-goes. We operate and load a fleet of over 50 trucks nationwide. We are quite capable of picking up your boat within a week of confirmation of transport. This means that if you call us on Monday generally by Friday we can pick up your small boat for transport and shipping most anywhere in the continental United States.

Preparing your Small Boat For Transport

Prior to Transporting your small boat there are some important things that need to be addressed. Although all of the details advised of in this article will be double checked by Dotan Transports prior to leaving with your boat you need to be aware of them.

These are the safety items you need to be aware of prior to transporting your boat.

The coupler needs to be checked to see if it is good working condition. Grease if necessary.

The tires need to be in excellent condition especially if the move will be a long one.

The brakes need to in good working order. Repair if necessary.

All the trailer lights need to be working and in good condition.

The bow and transom straps need to be serviceable.

Interior Items Need To Be Secured Prior To Shipping

Electronics that are not flush mounted need to be removed from cockpit and secured below or removed entirely.

Cushions need to be stored below or safely secured prior to transport

Canvas and bows need to be secured or stored below.

All loose items need to be secured.

As stated earlier Interstate Haulers checks all these items for both safety and to minimize loss or damage to items and the mall boat. But as far as the safety items are concerned those items need to be addressed prior to transporting your small boat. When we arrive to ship your small boat we will want to do a safety check and be rolling as we have to keep on schedule.

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