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Interstate Haulers is a family owned Transport Company that has been in the Boat Transport business since 1997. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service; this has been instrumental in supporting our reputation as an outstanding Boat Transport Company. Reliability is a must in this industry to maintain the reputation we enjoy. Interstate Haulers strives to maintain a tight schedule as we realize that you the customer and the boat yards and marinas involved are counting on us to be on time. We are consumers like you and treat all the vessels we move as if they were our own!

We Transport Powerboats, Sailboats and Yachts Nationwide With Care

We Transport Boats of all types, Powerboats, Sailboats and Yachts across this great country of ours with care and diligence. We follow all state and federal DOT regulations to the letter. Moving boats logistically can be challenging at times. By operating our Boat Transporting trucks in a responsible and legal manner eliminates many of the issues that plague many of our competitors who do not. This where many of the nightmare stories we have all heard originate. We are fully Licensed and insured to Transport and Haul Boats nationwide and will cheerfully provide documentation upon request.

Easing The Process Of Choosing A Boat Hauler

When considering a Boat Transport we realize that it can be a stressful decision with whom to put your trust in to relocate your baby. We strive to ease this process by making customer service a priority in our operation. You will find our Boat Haulers professional and reliable. We make ourselves very accessible, meaning we return your calls and keep you updated as to our schedule and delivery schedule. Give us a call, we can guarantee you will like doing business with Interstate Haulers.

 Our Boat Transportation Quote Process

You can trust that when requesting a Boat Transport Quote from us that it will be accurate, providing the information provided is correct. There will never be any surprises when we deliver your boat. If for any reason such as weather or road construction issues that can change the route used and possibly the delivery time you will be advised immediately. Bottom line when we give you a quote that is what it is. We are professionals and quoting Boat Transport rates and Hauling Boats are what we do and we do it well! You can rest assured that a quote from Interstate Haulers is accurate and just as important fair and competitive.

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No pun intended…….but you can take our Boat Transport Quotes to the bank!