What is a Refrigerated Trailer?


A refrigerated trailer is a type of trailer that uses a refrigeration system to keep its contents cool. These trailers are typically used to transport perishable items, such as food and pharmaceuticals. Refrigerated trailers come in a variety of sizes and can be either pulled by a truck or driven as a standalone unit.

How Does a Refrigerated Trailer Work?

A refrigerated trailer works by using a cooling system to lower the temperature inside the trailer. This system is typically made up of three parts: an evaporator, a condenser, and a compressor. The evaporator is responsible for drawing heat out of the air inside the trailer, while the condenser releases that heat into the outside air. The compressor circulates coolant between the evaporator and condenser to complete the cooling process. Sometimes a generator is used to keep the refrigerators running.

The cooling system is powered by either an electric motor or a diesel engine, which drives the compressor. The compressor circulates coolant through a series of coils in order to lower the temperature inside the trailer. Depending on the size of the trailer and the amount of cooling required, this process can take anywhere from minutes to hours. Make sure that you attach the trailer to an electrical connection to start the actual cooling process.

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How Are Refrigerated Trailers Made?

Refrigerated trailers, also known as reefer trailers or cold storage trailers, are an important part of the food industry. They are specially designed to transport and store perishable food items such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meats at a constant temperature. But how exactly are these incredible pieces of machinery made?

The Refrigeration System

The first step in the process is designing and installing the refrigeration system. This involves installing a powerful compressor that can keep the interior temperature below 40°F. The refrigerant is then circulated through coils located on both the ceiling and walls of the trailer to ensure even cooling throughout the entire space. The coils sometimes use fans to move air around inside and help cool off the cargo bay faster.


Once the refrigeration system has been installed, insulation is added to help maximize its efficiency. Usually, this insulation is made from polyurethane foam or fiberglass blanket material which helps keep heat from entering or leaving the trailer from outside sources.

A seamless fiberglass construction with four inch walls is the ideal way to create standard models of refrigerated trailers. This helps reduce energy costs since it requires less energy for the compressor to maintain a consistent temperature inside the trailer.


The next step in making a refrigerated trailer is customization. Depending on what type of cargo is being transported, customers may require additional features such as shelving units or customized dividers that can be used to separate different types of food items during transit.

Other add-ons include climate control systems that allow customers to set different temperatures depending on what type of food they are transporting, as well as GPS trackers so they can monitor their cargo’s location at all times. For heavier cooler trailers, manufacturers may put in a pallet duty floor.

What Can You Haul In Small Refrigerated Trailers?

An increase in online shopping and food delivery services has made refrigerated trailers more important than ever before. But what exactly can you haul in a refrigerated trailer? From food to medical supplies, here’s an overview of the items that can be transported safely and efficiently with the help of a refrigerated trailer.

Food Products

One of the most common uses for refrigerated trailers is transporting food products from point A to point B. This includes everything from fresh produce to frozen goods, dairy products, and even prepared meals and drinks (like beer).

When transporting food, it’s essential to make sure that the trailer is set at the right temperature to keep the food products safe during transit. Temperature-controlled trailers are designed with sensors that will alert drivers if the temperature gets too high or low, so they can take appropriate action if needed.

Medical Supplies

In addition to food products, refrigerated trailers are also useful for transporting medical supplies such as vaccines and other temperature-sensitive medications. Vaccines must be kept at specific temperatures to remain effective, so using a refrigerated trailer helps ensure that these sensitive medications stay within their specified temperature range during transit.

In addition, many pharmaceuticals need to be stored at specific temperatures as well; depending on the type of medication being transported, a refrigerated trailer may be required for safe transport.


Another use for refrigerated trailers is transporting livestock from one location to another. Whether you’re moving animals from feedlot to market or taking them on an extended trip for showings or competitions, having access to a reliable and secure way of transportation is essential. Refrigerated trailers provide this security by keeping animals cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather while providing adequate ventilation inside the truck’s cabin.

Why You Should Use A Refrigeration Trailer

Refrigerated trailers have countless uses—from transporting food products and medical supplies to hauling livestock—making them an invaluable asset when it comes to shipping and logistics operations.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable way to transport sensitive items or just need an efficient way of moving goods between locations, having access to a quality refrigerated trailer can make all the difference. With its ability to maintain temperatures between -20°C (-4°F) and +30°C (86°F), a reliable refrigeration unit is key when it comes time for hauling your cargo from one place to another safely!

The Benefits of a Refrigeration Unit Trailer

A refrigerated trailer is a great investment for any business that needs to transport perishable goods. If you are thinking about buying a refrigerated trailer, here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy.

Temperature Control

One of the biggest benefits of a refrigerated trailer is that it gives you complete control over the temperature of your goods. Whether you need to keep your goods cool or frozen, a refrigerated trailer can do the job. This is ideal for businesses that transport perishable goods such as food or flowers.

Protect Your Goods

Another big benefit of a refrigerated trailer is that it can help to protect your goods from damage. If you are transporting fragile items, a refrigerated trailer can help to keep them safe from breakage. This is because the temperature inside the trailer is controlled and there is less movement of the items inside.

Save Money

A refrigerated trailer can also help you to save money on your transportation costs. This is because you will not need to rent space in a chilled or frozen warehouse to store your goods before they are transported. This can be a significant saving for businesses that need to transport large quantities of perishable goods.

Types Of Refrigeration Trailers

Whether you need to transport items that are extremely temperature sensitive, or you’re looking for a way to keep your goods fresh and flavorful on their way to the market, refrigerated trailers can provide the solution. There are several types of refrigerated trailers available on the market, each designed with a specific purpose in mind.

Standard Refrigerated Trailers

These standard refrigerated trailers come equipped with analog thermometers and require manual adjustment for temperature control. This type of trailer is great for transporting items like fruits and vegetables, dairy products, bakery goods, meats, seafood, and other food items that need to be kept within narrow temperature ranges.

These trailers can also be used for non-food items such as medicines and chemicals that need to be kept away from extreme temperatures.

Temperature Controlled Refrigerated Trailers

Temperature controlled cooler trailers have digital thermometers with sophisticated electronic controls that allow operators to accurately monitor temperatures inside the trailer while they’re on the road.

This type of trailer is ideal for transporting more delicate items such as frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, etc., which require precise temperature levels in order to remain safe and stay cold during transport. Temperature controlled cooler trailers also have alarms that will sound if any sudden changes in temperature occur inside the trailer compartment.

Freezer Trailers

Freezer trailers are specially designed to keep items frozen at very low temperatures (usually between 0°F and -20°F). They come equipped with extra insulation to ensure maximum temperature retention throughout transit times ranging from 2 days up to 2 weeks or more. Freezer trailers are ideal for shipping large amounts of perishable goods over long distances without compromising quality or safety standards. This is the type of trailer you need if you plan on transporting ice or if you intend to freeze meat.

Are You Looking For A Refrigerated Trailer For Sale?

Are you looking for a reliable, cost-effective way to transport and store your perishable goods? Look no further than Polar King mobile brand refrigerated trailers! These convenient, all-in-one refrigeration units are perfect for keeping food fresh and safe during transport.

The Benefits of Using Polar King Mobile Refrigerated Trailers

One of the primary benefits of using Polar King mobile refrigerated trailers is their flexibility. Unlike traditional stationary coolers, these trailers can be easily placed near the loading dock or parked in a storage lot so that you can quickly access them when needed. Not only does this save you time, but it also ensures that your goods remain at a safe temperature during transport and storage.

Polar King mobile refrigerated trailers also provide a cost-effective solution. The upfront cost of buying one is relatively low compared to other cooling solutions, and since they don’t require electricity or fuel to run, they save you money on energy costs over time as well. Additionally, since they come with their own locking system and alarm system, they provide an extra level of security against theft or tampering with your goods.

Finally, these trailers are easy to maintain and keep clean. They have removable panels inside the unit that make cleaning quick and easy, while the exterior can be wiped down with just soap and water. This makes them ideal for businesses who need to transport food regularly but don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to maintenance.

For businesses that transport food products regularly, Polar King mobile refrigerated trailers are an invaluable asset. Not only do they provide flexibility in terms of placement, but they also offer cost savings on energy costs over time as well as additional security features like locks and alarms for added peace of mind.

Additionally, their easy maintenance means less time spent on upkeep so that businesses can focus more on what matters – delivering quality goods on time every single time! If you’re looking for a reliable refrigeration solution to operate your business, then look no further than Polar King mobile refrigerated trailers! Make your job easy with these pre assembled and ready to use trailers.

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