Mako Boats: The Undisputed Choice for the Modern Angler

May 24, 2024 | Partners, BOATS

Why Mako Boats Matter

As any seasoned angler can attest, a good day on the water is defined by the equipment you bring along. Among the arsenal of rods, reels, and tackle boxes, one piece of gear stands as a cornerstone: the boat itself.

For those in the know, the name Mako is synonymous with quality, performance, and reliability.

Mako Boats are the undisputed choice for the modern angler, thanks to their exceptional features, innovative design, and legacy of excellence.

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History and Legacy of Mako Boats

Founded in 1967, Mako Saltwater Fishing Boats has been a stalwart in the world of saltwater fishing vessels. Over the decades, the brand has built a reputation for producing some of the most reliable and durable bay boats in the industry.

Owned by the White River Marine Group, the company has consistently pushed the envelope in marine engineering, ensuring that their boats not only meet but often exceed the expectations of their discerning clientele.

For anglers traversing the Gulf Stream or navigating inshore waters, a Mako boat is not just a vessel but a trusted companion.

Features and Design

State-of-the-Art Amenities

When it comes to outfitting a boat with the latest technology and amenities, Mako leaves no stone unturned.

From advanced sonar systems to state-of-the-art fish finders, Mako Boats are designed to give you a competitive edge. Their vessels come equipped with multiple rod holders, live wells, and ample storage space, ensuring that you have everything you need for a successful day on the water.

Breathtaking Views

One of the standout features of Mako Boats is their open design, offering unobstructed views of the horizon. Whether you’re hunting for sailfish offshore or exploring a quiet bay, the panoramic visibility from a Mako offshore boats are unparalleled.

This feature not only enhances your fishing experience but also makes for some breathtaking moments out on the water.

Exclusive Location

Mako Boats are crafted for those who value exclusivity and performance. Built with high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship, these boats are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of saltwater environments.

The Pro Skiff 17 CC and Pro Skiff 15 CC models, for instance, offer a smooth and stable ride, making them ideal for both inshore and offshore adventures.

Types of Mako Boats

Mako Boats offers a range of models designed to cater to the varied needs of anglers, from inshore fishing to deep-sea adventures.

Here are some of the most popular types of Mako Boats:

Pro Skiff Series

  • Pro Skiff 15 CC: Ideal for shallow water fishing, this model offers a smooth and stable ride with excellent maneuverability.

  • Pro Skiff 17 CC: A larger counterpart to the 15 CC, these saltwater anglers provide additional space and stability for both inshore and nearshore fishing trips.

Inshore Series

  • 18 LTS: Perfect for skinny water enthusiasts, this boat is designed to navigate shallow waters with ease. It combines rugged durability with sleek performance.

  • 21 LTS: Offering more space and storage, the 21 LTS is great for longer inshore expeditions. It provides a stable platform for casting and reeling in fish.

Offshore Series

  • 236 CC: This centre console boat is built for serious offshore fishing. Its deep-V hull ensures a smooth ride in choppy waters, while its ample deck space accommodates multiple anglers.

  • 284 CC: For those who want to venture far out into the ocean, the 284 CC offers an extended range and advanced features like a T-top, multiple fish boxes, and state-of-the-art navigation systems.

Bay Boat Series

  • 214 CC: Designed for versatility, this bay boat is equally adept in shallow and deeper waters. Its design allows for a stable and comfortable fishing experience.

  • 284 CC: Providing greater range and capacity, the 284 CC in the Bay Boat series comes equipped with the latest amenities for extended fishing trips.

Each of these saltwater boats exemplifies Mako Boats’ commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring that every angler can find a vessel that suits their unique fishing style and needs.

Where to Buy Mako Boats

If you’re ready to invest in a Mako Boat, numerous reputable dealers and online platforms can help you find the perfect vessel to meet your angling needs.

Here are some of the best places to buy Mako Boats:

Bass Pro Shops

As one of the largest outdoor retailers in the world, Bass Pro Shops offers a wide selection of Mako Boats. You can visit one of their many locations across the country or browse their inventory online.


Known for its extensive range of outdoor equipment, Cabela’s also carries Mako Boats in various models and sizes. Check their website or visit a store near you to explore your options.

White River Marine Group Dealers

Authorized dealers of the White River Marine Group provide a direct route to purchasing a Mako Boat. Use their dealer locator tool on the White River Marine Group website to find a certified dealer in your area.

Boat Trader

Boat Trader is an online marketplace that lists new and used boats from various dealers and private sellers. It’s an excellent platform to compare prices and find the ideal Mako Boat that fits your budget.


For those looking for more premium options, YachtWorld lists numerous Mako Boats, including newer models and pre-owned vessels. It’s a go-to site for serious buyers looking for high-quality boats.

Boat Shows and Expos

Attending boat shows and expos can provide an opportunity to see a range of Mako Boats in person. These events often showcase the latest models and offer exclusive deals and financing options.

These sources give you the convenience and expertise needed to make an informed purchase, ensuring you find a Mako Boat that will serve as your trusted companion on the water.

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Where to Take Your Mako Boats for Fun in the Sun

With your new Mako Boat ready to hit the water, choosing the perfect destination for creating unforgettable memories is essential. Whether you prefer inshore fishing, offshore adventures, or leisurely cruises, here are some top places where you can take your Mako Boat for fun in the sun:

Florida Keys, Florida

The Florida Keys are a mecca for boating enthusiasts, offering crystal-clear waters and world-class fishing opportunities. From Key Largo to Key West, you can explore coral reefs, secluded islands, and abundant marine life. The diverse fishing spots make it an ideal destination for both novices and seasoned anglers.

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland/Virginia

As the largest estuary in the United States, Chesapeake Bay provides a vast playground for boaters. Its calm, warm waters and picturesque scenery are perfect for cruising, fishing, or simply relaxing on your Mako Boat. Local spots like Tangier Island and the Eastern Shore offer unique experiences and exceptional fishing.

Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

Nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Lake Tahoe is a stunning freshwater lake known for its clear, blue waters and recreational activities. Boating on Lake Tahoe offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and plenty of opportunities for fishing, water sports, and beachside picnics.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

With its charming coastal villages and abundant marine life, Cape Cod is an excellent destination for a summer boating trip. The area offers a mix of inshore and offshore fishing, as well as scenic cruising routes along the Atlantic coastline. Don’t miss the chance to explore the local harbors and enjoy fresh seafood.

San Juan Islands, Washington

Located in the Pacific Northwest, the San Juan Islands provide a serene and scenic setting for boating. With over 170 islands to explore, you’ll find quiet coves, vibrant marine life, and charming waterfront towns. It’s an ideal location for a mix of leisurely cruises and adventurous fishing trips.

Gulf Coast, Texas

The Gulf Coast of Texas boasts warm waters, sandy beaches, and excellent fishing spots. Places like Galveston, Corpus Christi, and South Padre Island offer a range of boating activities, from deep-sea fishing to watersports. The area’s coastal beauty and vibrant culture make it a fantastic destination for any Mako Boat owner.

These destinations provide a diverse array of experiences, ensuring that every voyage on your Mako Boat is an exciting adventure filled with fun and sun.

The Future of Mako Boats

As we look to the future, it’s clear that Mako Boats will continue to lead the way in marine innovation with new technologies.

With advancements in hull design, outboard motors, and fishing technologies, the brand is poised to set new standards in the boating industry.

Moreover, Mako’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices ensures that they are not just building boats for today but are also thinking about the generations of anglers to come.

Interstate Haulers

The Clear Choice for Anglers

In conclusion, Mako Boats stand out as the premier choice for modern anglers seeking a blend of performance, reliability, and cutting-edge features. Their rich history, innovative design, and forward-thinking approach make them a brand that anglers can trust. If you’re in the market for a boat that will elevate your fishing game, look no further than Mako.

And for those lucky enough to have a Mako boat ready to hit the water, consider Interstate Haulers for all your transportation needs. With decades of experience and a sterling reputation, they are the go-to choice for safely transporting your prized Mako vessel. Reach out to Interstate Haulers for a seamless, hassle-free experience, ensuring that your boat reaches its destination in perfect condition.

Embark on your next fishing adventure with confidence, knowing you have the best boat—and the best transport team—by your side.

Quality Meets Adventure: Exploring the White River Marine Group for Your Outdoor Escapades: Quality Meets Adventure


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