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Powerboat Transport


Powerboat transport presents a few challenges when considering a boat move. Interstate Haulers is very knowledgeable in all aspects of transporting powerboats of all sizes. Different size motorboat transport requires a different set of skills and knowledge. Powerboat transportation can often require specialized transport trailers. When contracting Interstate Haulers, you can be assured that the right equipment will be dispatched to haul your boat. If a trailer is provided to transport your boat, your boat and trailer will be inspected for safety prior to hauling. 



Hauling Out Your Powerboat Prior To Transport

If your powerboat requires being hauled out for transport, be aware that the bottom needs to be clean of all living organisms and plant life. Most states have now adopted laws concerning transporting your boat from one geographical area to another. Transporting boats with marine life residing on the hulls can result in non-native and invasive species harming aquatic ecosystems. When preparing for a powerboat transport, wash or power wash the hull to remove these organisms.

Powerboat Deck and Cockpit Gear

There are items on powerboats that need to be either removed or secured prior to shipping your boat. When readying your powerboat for transport, keep in mind your boat will realize winds in excess of 55 miles per hour during transit.  Antennas are especially vulnerable to damage, and should be removed on larger vessels.  Boat haulers cannot be held responsible for damage that occurs to these items while being transported. Any electronics that are not flush mounted in the cockpit need to be removed and stored below or removed entirely.  Loose cushions or any other loose items should also be removed and properly stored for motorboat transport. 


Transporting powerboats sometimes presents height issues. In most states, 13.5 feet loaded is the legal height for powerboat transport. Boats can be shipped taller than 13.5 feet, but will likely require a permit and a pole car. These scenarios do increase the cost to move boats. In some cases, it may be more cost effective to remove a fly bridge than to run a pole car for thousands of miles. This is best decided once you factor in the route and the boat height. 


About Us

Established in 1997, Interstate Haulers is a family owned company that specializes in transporting boats, RV’s, and heavy equipment nationwide. We pride ourselves on excelling at customer service and this commitment has been instrumental in establishing Interstate Haulers as a preferred hauler within the industry. Read more